Lara Solomon, founder Sydney Swimming Show

Hi, Iā€™m Lara, this was me on a SwimTrek holiday in Croatia in 2018. I am rather addicted to ocean swimming.

In 2019 I decided to set myself the challenge of completing a 5km ocean swim each month with the goal of raising $120,000 for Ovarian Cancer Research. To do this I set up a website called 12 Swims 4 Mum (it was my Mum who died from Ovarian Cancer Research) and set out to raise the money from selling stylish swimming hats, running swimming challenges and asking for donations. However, much as this raised money I realised pretty early on that I needed one BIG event to get to my BIG goal.

I thought about when I shop for new swimmers, goggles, fins etc I get very frustrated at having to either go to 5 different shops to find what I want, or to order online only for the item to arrive and me find out that it didn’t fit and have to return it – BIG HASSLE!!!

The Sydney Swimming Show was born…. Never before seen in Sydney (that I know), run by me and a team of volunteers where ALL profits are donated to Ovarian Cancer Research.

My background is in marketing, on and offline, business start-ups and I have worked in the conference industry – have NO Fear that this will not happen and be done well – I do not do things by halves!!

Any questions or comments please get in touch with me

Here’s to a fabulous event, Lara šŸ™‚